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National Fleet Products Ramps

These ramps will provide years of hassle free performance. Designed to be used numerous times a day; every day. Ramps for every situation and vehicle.

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The Light series loading ramp is suitable for all small vans, full size vans, box on body, or full size box trucks.

  • 880 Lbs. loading capacity
  • Spring assist standard on every ramp for ease of use and long term reliability
  • Ramp floor is available with either solid or perforated aluminum surface
  • Equipped with wheels at end of ramp to make deployment and storage easy
  • Ramp floor is equipped with movable flaps on either end to facilitate a smooth and even transition between surfaces at multiple heights and load angles
  • Use ramp as a plank on steps, van to van, loading docks and more
  • Ergonomic function of approx 22lbs of force
  • Variety of widths & lengths available
  • Third piece extensions available for even greater length
  • Optional:¬†ability to remove ramp in 1 minute when equipped with quick connect & release system.
  • When equipped with quick connect & release system the light ramp is ideal for sharing and transfer from one vehicle to another for multi-vehicle fleets
  • Custom sizes are available to accommodate your unique application